Typical Appointments

We need to spend significant time together to develop plans that can lead to the desired balance in body, mind, and spirit. Your first appointment is scheduled for 2 hours in the office. This time is divided among: baseline assessment (about a half hour with staff); time with me (about an hour); and your first in-office treatment (about a half hour). Each subsequent visit is for an hour: time with me (about a half hour); and in-office treatment (about a half hour). During our time together, I listen carefully to the many levels of your communication, eventually discerning an underlying imbalance displaying itself in a set of symptoms. Then, I confirm my insights and conclusions with targeted assessments.

Because true healing involves balancing body, mind, and spirit, your active participation is an important part of any rebalancing plan. While I draw on several healing modalities, I cannot ‘give’ you balance. Many of the modalities, acupuncture as one example, will be employed during your visit. Many more modalities, nutritional adjustments as an example, are ones you take into your daily life to continue and further develop your re-balancing.

We form a team seeking your balance and health.


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