Our Philosophy

My professional journey began with a deep love for people and a calling to help them overcome physical and emotional pain. As a result, I have studied psychology, biology, traditional Chinese medicine, modern nutritional biochemistry, functional medicine, and a host of other disciplines. The reliance of Western medicine on chemical intervention after a 10 minute evaluation seems skewed to me. I have found that health is the normal state when body, mind, and spirit are in balance. Working together, we can achieve this balance.

I do not believe that success is measured by the size of a client base nor is success achieved by simply eliminating symptoms. By taking the time to develop a comprehensive insight into each individualís situation, I can build a unique, comprehensive life rebalancing plan. In this way, I can assist the individual —you— to a desired, balanced, and healthy life. And that is my measure of success.

I welcome you and I look forward to sharing with you all the love, compassion, and knowledge that I have to offer.

Michael Shpak, L.Ac.


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